Calendar of upcoming events

To stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in the life sciences and to increase awareness of our products, members of the Takara Bio team frequently participate in tradeshows and conferences around the world. We also conduct live webinars intended to inform and educate researchers about our newest product offerings. Below is a list of upcoming events featuring presentations from Takara Bio. We relish the opportunity to engage with the life sciences research community at these physical and virtual events, and look forward to interacting with you!

April 2020

Guest webinar: Total RNA sequencing of liquid biopsies

Learn about this webinar discussing how SMARTer Stranded Pico v2 can help with your analysis of biofluid and extracellular vesicle samples.

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  • Date: April 16 - July 31, 2020
  • Speaker: Jo Vandesompele, PhD