What's new

This study highlights the importance of carefully selecting enzymes when amplifying NGS libraries, with Takara Ex Premier polymerase giving unbiased, highly sensitive, and precise results.


Tom Quinn, a group leader in our R&D team, won an award at the Spring 2023 ISBioTech meeting for presenting an outstanding poster about our soon-to-be-launched baculovirus titration assay.


Learn best practices for multi-fragment cloning using Takara Bio's In-Fusion cloning system.


Researchers generated pancreatic beta cell-like cells from patient-specific tissue to mimic type 2 diabetes in a predisposed population.


Technology spotlight

Lily Lee and Tom Quinn from Takara Bio USA demonstrate extraction of DNA from strawberries using household items.

Learn about a new, improved hiPSC-derived beta-cell model that addresses the shortcomings of current models.

Dr. Chris Sontag discusses our custom and OEM capabilities, innovative products, and quality management systems that support clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.