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Our experts share their top 5 tips for maximizing the success of human embryonic stem cell therapy development.


Namocell Inc., a leading provider of single-cell sorting and dispensing platforms, entered into a collaboration with Takara Bio and HepaTx to use Namocell's Single Cell Dispensers to perform single-cell isolation on HepaTx's unique hepatocyte-like cells (iHeps) and characterize them by single-cell RNA-seq using Takara Bio's SMART-Seq technology.


Learn about the Allen Institute for Brain Science's extraordinary efforts to map the brain using SMART-Seq v4 chemistry.


Learn how Takara employees in Dalian, China, are working tirelessly to keep up with the demand for the one-step PrimeScript RT-PCR kit, a crucial component in coronavirus detection.


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Clone any insert, with any vector, at any site. In-Fusion seamless cloning technology makes it easy! Here’s how.

Constant genetic variation is the norm for influenza. Learn how a clever team of researchers overcame this challenge using In-Fusion Cloning for accurate, fast, and standardized subcloning—cutting the time from outbreak to vaccine: That's Good Science!