What's new

Researchers generated pancreatic beta cell-like cells from patient-specific tissue to mimic type 2 diabetes in a predisposed population.


The ICELL8 cx Single-Cell System was used to perform single-cell full-length transcriptome analysis of heterogeneous cell populations within human whole white adipose tissue.


Access a USA Today article describing solutions that combat the dangerous growth of antimicrobial resistance.


BioExcel Diagnostics has partnered with Takara Bio, USA, Inc. to develop and validate wide-coverage infectious disease detection panels using the SmartChip Real-Time PCR System.


Technology spotlight

In celebration of National DNA Day 2022, Lily Lee and Tom Quinn from Takara Bio USA demonstrate extraction of DNA from strawberries using household items.

Learn about a new, improved hiPSC-derived beta-cell model that addresses the shortcomings of current models.

Dr. Chris Sontag discusses our custom and OEM capabilities, innovative products, and quality management systems that support clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.