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Design primers for generating deletions, base substitutions, or additions in any vector using a flexible, accurate system.


As a senior lead development representative for the Inside Sales team, Erin Bailey works with clients all over the US and Canada to provide scientific solutions.


As the R&D Group Leader for the clinical NGS team, Nidhi Gupta oversees a team of scientists working to bring cutting-edge scientific solutions to our customers.


Finding the right OEM partner can be tricky. A good partner should be able to provide custom formulations, manage quality control and supply, and support upscaling and kitting. In this article, we help you make the right decision.


Technology spotlight

Dr. Bharathan's lab at Indiana University of Pennsylvania developed a fast, sensitive protocol using PrimeDirect Probe mix, bypassing lengthy RNA extraction and increasing testing capacity at Indiana Regional Medical Center.

Quantify human cytokines or lentiviral p24 in 10 minutes using GoStix Plus lateral flow assays and a mobile app.