What's new

Takara Bio USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc., today announced the launch of the Lenti-X Transduction Sponge, a first-to-market dissolvable microfluidic transduction enhancer that innovates in vitro lentivirus-mediated gene delivery techniques.


Takara Bio has released PrimeCap T7 RNA Polymerase (low dsRNA), a mutant T7 RNA polymerase suitable for mRNA therapeutic research and development, in March 2024.


Takara Bio USA, Inc. today announced the launch of the Shasta™ Single-Cell System, an automated, high-throughput NGS solution with well-validated chemistries and intuitive bioinformatics tools that enables novel biomarker discovery for oncology research.


Takara Bio USA, Inc. announced plans to launch two critical solutions for oncology research. These automated single-cell total RNA-seq and DNA-seq library preparation kits will provide high sample and cell throughput, less hands-on time, and the ability to capture more information than other available technologies.


Technology spotlight

Shasta™ single-cell solutions shed light on novel biomarkers missed with other NGS technologies.

Lily Lee and Tom Quinn from Takara Bio USA demonstrate extraction of DNA from strawberries using household items.

Dr. Chris Sontag discusses our custom and OEM capabilities, innovative products, and quality management systems that support clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.