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See how our ThruPLEX DNA-seq and SMARTer RNA-seq kits are powering large-scale studies of microbiomes.


Getting ready to sequence T-cell and B-cell receptors? Check out these tips to help you make key decisions before you start.


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Discover how PrimeSTAR GXL helped in the identification of intragenic deletions in the Epstein-Barr virus genome associated with lymphomagenesis.


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A quick turnaround on forensic lab results could mean the difference between a cold case and a closed case. Learn how researchers for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police brought their PCR processing time down from four hours to 26 minutes, while still successfully amplifying the ten critical loci for correct identification of an individual.

NOMID is a potentially fatal disease that is easily detected in infants with germline mutations in the NLRP3 gene. However, nongermline cases are difficult to detect, since a blood sample may bear only a few copies of the disease allele. Learn how scientists greatly improved the identification of NLRP3 somatic mosaicism.