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Dr. Daria Filanov, Chief Scientific Officer at Alpha Nano Tech, describes how her company helps their clients advance extracellular vesicle research.


This blog discusses the potential of AAV therapies and summarizes a study that uses AAV therapy for treating rare genetic diseases like AADC deficiency.


The beat goes on with the ICELL8 system and cardiomyocyte isolation in two new research papers.


Hear how a Product Manager in Europe is adjusting to the changing research market in light of COVID-19.


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Clone any insert, with any vector, at any site. In-Fusion seamless cloning technology makes it easy! Here’s how.

Constant genetic variation is the norm for influenza. Learn how a clever team of researchers overcame this challenge using In-Fusion Cloning for accurate, fast, and standardized subcloning—cutting the time from outbreak to vaccine: That's Good Science!