MN Bead Tubes Type A

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740472.50 NucleoSpin® DNA Stool 50 Preps USD $271.00

Miniprep kit (50 preps) for the purification of genomic DNA from bacterial and epithelial cells in stool samples. The isolated DNA can be used for analysis of the microbiome or genotyping of the donor. The NucleoSpin DNA Stool kit utilizes MN Bead Tubes Type A (ceramic beads; included in kit) in combination with a common disruption device, e.g., the MN Bead Tube Holder (Cat. # 740469), or a swing mill to lyse different cell types and tissues within a single procedure. MN Bead Tubes Type A (Cat. # 740786.50) can also be ordered separately if needed.

740780.250 NucleoSpin® Soil 250 Preps USD $1225.00

NucleoSpin Soil (250) 250 preps for the isolation of DNA from soil and sediment - NucleoSpin Soil Columns, MN bead tubes, NucleoSpin Inhibitor Removal Columns, Collection Tubes, buffers