NucleoSpin® DNA Insect

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740470.50 NucleoSpin® DNA Insect 50 Preps USD $223.00

Mini prep kit (50 preps) for the purification of genomic DNA from fresh, frozen, dried or ethanol preserved insect or crustacean samples. The isolated DNA is used for genotyping, sequencing or any other common application. The NucleoSpin DNA Insect kit utilizes MN Bead Tubes Type D (steel beads; included in kit) in combination with a common disruption device, e.g., MN Bead Tube Holder, or a swing mill in order to lyse different cell types and tissues within a single procedure.

740814.50 MN Bead Tubes Type D 50 Preps USD $116.00

MN Bead Tubes are 2-ml screw cap plastic tubes containing different types of beads depending on the application. They are intended for the disruption of biological samples and subsequent nucleic acid purification. MN Bead Tubes Type D consists of 3-mm steel beads for use with insect samples using the NucleoSpin DNA Insect kits or NucleoSpin Lipid Tissue kits. The beads should be used in combination with the MN Bead Tube Holder (Cat. # 740469) and an appropriate vortexer (e.g., Vortex-Genie 2 from Scientific Industries), or with a mixer mill (e.g., from Retsch GmbH).