SmartChip® Real-Time RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 Reagents

Recommended Products

Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
744210.4 NucleoMag® Pathogen 4 x 96 Preps USD $1540.00

The NucleoMag Pathogen kit is designed for the isolation of viral RNA and DNA and bacterial DNA from cell-free body fluids such as serum or plasma, blood, homogenized tissue sample suspensions, stool sample suspensions, and swab washes. This kit provides reagents and magnetic beads for isolation of 4 x 96 samples.

744900 NucleoMag® SEP Each USD $770.00

NucleoMag SEP magnetic separator, for use with 96-well plates

740481 Square-well Block 4 Plates USD $42.00

Square-well Block (4) 96-well blocks with square wells for use with NucleoMag SEP pack of 4

740477 MN Tube Strips 4 Sets USD $94.00

Rack of Tube Strips (4 sets) set consists of 1 rack, 12 strips with 8 tubes each, and 12 cap strips pack of 4 sets