NucleoSnap® cfDNA

Recommended Products

Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
740873.4 NucleoSpin® 96 cfDNA 4 Plates USD $1870.00

The NucleoSpin 96 cfDNA kit is designed for the parallel isolation of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from up to 2 ml of blood plasma in a 96-well format.

740981.50 NucleoSpin® miRNA Plasma 50 Preps USD $347.00

The NucleoSpin miRNA Plasma kit (50 preps) allows for isolation of small RNA species (>15 nt), such as microRNA (miRNA), from serum or plasma. The kit includes NucleoSpin miRNA Columns, Collection Tubes, buffers, and RNase-free rDNase.

740900.50 NucleoSpin® cfDNA XS 50 Preps USD $221.00

NucleoSpin cfDNA XS (50) 50 preps for the isolation of circulating DNA from plasma—NucleoSpin cfDNA XS Columns, Collection Tubes, buffers, Proteinase K.