Cellartis® Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit

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Y30051 Cellartis® Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium 100 mL USD $279.00

Cellartis Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium are used for prolonged maintenance of hepatocyte cells in 2D culture, derived using Cellartis Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit (Cat. No. Y30050) or Cellartis iPS Cell to Hepatocyte Differentiation System (Cat. No. Y30055).

Y10040 Cellartis® Definitive Endoderm Cells (from ChiPSC18) 1 Vial USD $622.00

Cellartis Definitive Endoderm Cells (from ChiPSC18) are human definitive endoderm (DE) cells derived from the human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell line ChiPSC18. The cells have been differentiated to definitive endoderm cells in vitro, dissociated to a cell suspension, and frozen in vials.