Cellartis® Definitive Endoderm Differentiation Kit with DEF-CS™ Culture System

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Y30055 Cellartis® iPS Cell to Hepatocyte Differentiation System 1 Kit USD $1380.00

The Cellartis iPS Cell to Hepatocyte Differentiation System is a complete system for differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to hepatocytes via definitive endoderm (DE). This kit includes the Cellartis DEF-CS Culture System for expansion of undifferentiated iPS cells, the Cellartis Definitive Endoderm Differentiation Kit for differentiation to DE cells, and the Cellartis Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit for subsequent differentiation to hepatocytes.

Y30050 Cellartis® Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit 1 Kit USD $863.00

Cellartis Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit contains complete media and ready-to-use coating for the differentiation of definitive endoderm (DE) cells to hepatocyte cells in 2D culture.

Y00325 Cellartis® Human iPS Cell Line 22 (ChiPSC22) Kit 1 Kit USD $1572.00

Cellartis human iPS cell line 22 is maintained and frozen in DEF-CS medium (sold as part of the Cellartis DEF-CS Culture System). It is recommended to thaw the cells in the provided Cellartis DEF-CS 100 Culture System, a defined culture system for growth of undifferentiated human iPS cells. The Cellartis DEF-CS 100 Culture System includes basal medium, additives and coating compound.