RetroNectin® Recombinant Human Fibronectin Fragment

RetroNectin reagent is a recombinant human fibronectin fragment that contains three functional domains: the cell-binding domain (C-domain), the heparin-binding domain (H-domain), and the CS-1 sequence
Examples of retroviral transduction of neor into various cell types in presence or absence of RetroNectin reagent
Structure of fibronectin and RetroNectin reagent
Using RetroNectin reagent with human stem cells
Examples of cell transduction efficiency obtained using Retronectin reagent
Comparison of T cell expansion efficiencies for various commonly used protocols.
Comparison of retroviral transduction of a K562 cell line using transduction enhancers from different companies.
Efficient transduction of human PBMCs using RetroNectin, as compared to Polybrene.
T-cell expansion using RetroNectin reagent.