RNA LA PCR™ Kit (AMV) Ver. 1

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2630A AMV Reverse Transcriptase XL for RT-PCR 250 Units USD $262.00

AMV Reverse Transcriptase (RT) XL synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA-DNA hybrid as a template. The enzyme requires a primer to initiate synthesis and Mg2+ or Mn2+ for activity and has 5'→3' ribonuclease H activity.

AMV RT XL is highly purified, free of extraneous nucleases and is qualified for use in cDNA synthesis using RNA templates up to at least 10 kb in length. It can be used over a temperature range of 37-55°C, but the maximum yield of full-length cDNA product is obtained between 41-44°C.