Osteoblast-Inducer Reagent (for animal cell)

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MK300 TRACP and ALP Double-Stain Kit 120 Wells USD $399.00

This product is a staining kit for bone-related cells. Chromogenic substrates for alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme marker of osteoblasts, and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase, an enzyme marker of osteoclasts, are combined with a reagent for nuclear staining that provides visualization of multinucleated osteoclasts. Both acid and alkaline phosphatase activities in the cells can be stained simultaneously for comparison. Moreover, as the substrates are provided as premixed reagents, the substrate solutions can be easily prepared.

MK301 TRACP and ALP Assay Kit 500 Rxns USD $500.00

TRACP & ALP Assay Kit allows for simultaneous detection of 2 enzymes which are involved in bone metabolism. TRACP which is an osteoclast enzyme marker and ALP an osteoblast enzyme marker. TRACP & ALP Assay Kit has been designed for simple and quick detection of ACP (Acid phosphatase) and ALP (Alkaline phosphatase) through the use of pNPP (p-nitro-phenyl phosphate) substrate. The addition of tartaric acid into the ACP assay, allows for the detection of TRACP (tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase) activity. Since this kit utilizes an aqueous substrate, it enables quick activity quantification by measuring the absorbance of the reactant. In addition to this kit, TRACP & ALP double-staining Kit (Cat. #MK300) is also available using a non-soluble substrate. The appropriate kit can be selected depending on assay interest.

MK111 Gla-Type Osteocalcin (Gla-OC) EIA Kit 96 Assays USD $891.00

The Gla-type Osteocalcin EIA Kit is an in vitro enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kit for quantitative determination of human Gla-OC in serum, cultured cell extracts, cell culture supernatants, and other biological fluids.

MK126 Rat Gla-Osteocalcin High Sensitive EIA Kit 96 Rxns USD $857.00

Rat Gla-Osteocalcin High Sensitive EIA Kit is a sandwich-type EIA kit which uses a rat osteocalcin C-terminus-specific antibody as capture-antibody on a solid-phase plate. This antibody has a minimal cross reactivity with bovine, human and rabbit osteocalcin. An enzyme-labeled antibody (GlaOC4-30) specific to Gla-OC is used as the detection antibody, allowing this kit to detect Gla-osteocalcin with a very high sensitivity. As such, this EIA kit is sensitive enough to detect even minute levels of rat osteocalcin produced in supernatants of cells cultured in fetal calf serum-supplemented medium.