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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
635623 xTractor™ Buffer Kit 10 Extractions USD $401.00

xTractor Buffer is an optimized buffer system for extraction of proteins from fresh or frozen bacterial cells, mammalian cells, yeast cells, or baculovirus-infected cells. This buffer is useful in extracting proteins over a broad range of molecular weights, including high molecular weight proteins that cannot be extracted unless the membrane is fully disrupted. Lysozyme and DNase I are included to help disrupt membranes and to reduce solution viscosity, respectively. xTractor Buffer is compatible with all resins, allowing quick purification of his-tagged proteins. Sufficient buffer is provided for 10 extractions of 1 g cell pellets.

R050A PrimeSTAR® GXL DNA Polymerase 250 Units USD $255.00

A hot-start, high-fidelity PCR enzyme, PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase excels in reactions with GC-rich templates, excess template, and long amplicons up to 30 kb (GXL). The polymerase is supplied with separate tubes of optimized buffer (Mg2+ plus), and dNTPs.

Also available as a premix.

HB200 ◊Brevibacillus Expression System II 1 Kit USD $1475.00

The Brevibacillus (Bacillus brevis) Expression System is an efficient system for producing high yields of secreted protein. Using this system, it is possible to produce an unprecedented number of heterologous proteins. The Brevibacillus Expression System is particularly effective in the production of secretory proteins.