NucleoSpin® Plasmid EasyPure

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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
740588.50 NucleoSpin® Plasmid 50 Preps $70.50

NucleoSpin Plasmid (50) 50 preps for the isolation of plasmid DNA - NucleoSpin Plasmid Columns, Collection Tubes, buffers, RNase A

740615.50 NucleoSpin® Plasmid QuickPure 50 Preps $57.00

The single washing and drying step in the mini prep QuickPure procedure effectively removes endonucleases from the final plasmid miniprep.

740490.50 NucleoSpin® Plasmid Transfection-grade 50 Preps $88.10

NucleoSpin Plasmid Transfection-grade is a fast miniprep kit that uses a new technology developed by Macherey-Nagel to reduce the level of endotoxins co-purified during plasmid preparations from bacterial lysates. Since endotoxins interfere with eukaryotic cell survival, endotoxin reduction is essential prior to cell transfection.