NucleoBond® PC 10000

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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
740601 NucleoBond® Buffer Set I Each USD $78.00

NucleoBond Buffer Set I for the isolation of low-copy plasmids, cosmids, BACs, PACs, and P1 constructs, only applicable with NucleoBond PC kits, sufficient for 10 AX 500 columns (Maxi preps), 20 AX 100 columns (Midi preps), or

740563 NucleoBond® Large Rack Each USD $103.00

NucleoBond Rack Large rack for use with NucleoBond AX 100, AX 500, AX 2000, AX 10000, BAC 100, and Xtra Midi Columns

740562 NucleoBond® Small Rack Each USD $69.00

NucleoBond Small Rack is for use with NucleoBond AX 20 Columns or RNA Soil Mini Columns. View pdf

740414.10 NucleoBond® Xtra Maxi 10 Preps USD $283.00

NucleoBond Xtra Maxi (10) 10 preps for the isolation of plasmid DNA - NucleoBond Xtra Maxi Columns, NucleoBond Xtra Maxi Column Filters, buffers, RNase A