NucleoBond® CB 500

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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
740563 NucleoBond® Large Rack Each USD $83.70

NucleoBond Rack Large rack for use with NucleoBond AX 100, AX 500, AX 2000, AX 10000, BAC 100, and Xtra Midi Columns

740562 NucleoBond® Small Rack Each USD $56.10

Folded filters, racks, and indiviual columns for NucleoBond anion exchange columns. NucleoBond is ideal for large-scale, transfection-grade plasmid purification, without centrifugation.

740744 Starter Set Midi Each USD $795.00

Starter Set Midi for processing NucleoSpin Midi Columns under vacuum on the NucleoVac 96 Vacuum Manifold or similar manifolds - 1 Column Holders Midi, 1 Wash Plate Midi, 1 Elution Tube Holder, 24 Dummy Columns Midi, and Dummy Columns