D/D Solubilizer

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635066 iDimerize™ Reverse Dimerization System Each USD $1095.00 *

The iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System lets you control the subcellular localization, catalytic activity, and secretion of a protein of interest in live cells via a membrane-permeant compound. The system includes the iDimerize Reverse Dimerization Vector Set 1, which contains three mammalian expression vectors encoding fusion tags (i.e., self-assembly domains in combination with different localization sequences) that can be easily added to your protein of interest. The aggregation state of the resulting chimeric protein can be controlled by the addition of a small molecule to the cell medium. In the absence of the compound, the tagged protein expressed by the system self-assembles into complexes; when the compound is added to the cell medium, the complexes disaggregate, allowing the now soluble tagged proteins to regain their normal function. The system also includes a membrane-permeant, solubilizing compound, D/D Solubilizer, required for dissolving aggregates, and two linear selection markers for hygromycin and puromycin resistance.

635076 Lenti-X™ iDimerize™ Reverse Dimerization System Each USD $1195.00 *

The Lenti-X iDimerize Reverse Dimerization Vector Set 1 is a component of the Lenti-X iDimerize Reverse Dimer System (Cat. No. 635076). This system enables lentiviral delivery of your gene of interest into a variety of mammalian cells, and the expression of your protein of interest, tagged with a domain allowing for reversible protein dimerization/aggregation, via a small molecule "solubilizer".