pHcRed1-C1 Vector

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632392 Living Colors® DsRed Monoclonal Antibody 200 uL USD $512.00

A monoclonal antibody for the detection of Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein (DsRed). This antibody recognizes denatured forms of wild-type DsRed and its variants, including DsRed1, DsRed2, and DsRed1-E5 (the Fluorescent Timer). The antibody binds DsRed1 and DsRed2 even when these proteins are expressed as fusions to other proteins. Both N- and C-terminal fusions are recognized. The Living Colors DsRed Monoclonal Antibody is recommended for Western blotting applications only.

632543 Living Colors® mCherry Monoclonal Antibody 100 uL USD $485.00

The Living Colors mCherry Monoclonal Antibody is Protein A-purified and was raised against mCherry. It recognizes mCherry, mOrange, mOrange2, mPlum, and mStrawberry, as well as C- and N-terminal fusions containing these fluorescent proteins.

632496 Living Colors® DsRed Polyclonal Antibody 100 uL USD $485.00

The Living Colors DsRed Polyclonal Antibody has been raised against DsRed-Express, a variant of Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein. This antibody recognizes DsRed-Express, DsRed-Express2, DsRed-Monomer, mCherry, DsRed2, E2-Crimson, tdTomato, mStrawberry, and mBanana, and both N- and C-terminal fusion proteins containing these fluorescent proteins in mammalian cell lysates.

632475 Living Colors® Anti-RCFP Polyclonal Pan Antibody 100 uL USD $485.00

The Living Colors Anti-RCFP Polyclonal Pan Antibody was raised in a rabbit against recombinant full-length Zoanthus sp. yellow fluorescent protein (ZsYellow). This pan antibody recognizes denatured forms of AmCyan, ZsGreen, ZsYellow, DsRed2, DsRed-Express, HcRed, AsRed, as well as fusion proteins containing these RCFP variants in bacterial and mammalian cell lysates.