Adeno-X™ GoStix™

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632250 Adeno-X™ Rapid Titer Kit 120 Titrations USD $552.00

The Adeno-X Rapid Titer Kit takes advantage of production of viral hexon proteins for the titration of adenoviral stocks in 48 hours. A viral stock is tested by making serial dilutions, infecting HEK 293 cells, and 48 hours later, fixing and staining those cells with the Mouse Anti-Hexon Antibody. The signal is detected with a Rat Anti-Mouse Antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and developed with metal-enhanced 3,3'- Diaminobenzidine tetrahydrochloride (DAB).

632252 Adeno-X™ qPCR Titration Kit Each USD $515.00

The Adeno-X qPCR Titration Kit is designed to be used with real-time PCR instruments to rapidly titrate adenoviral stocks from all Ad5-based adenoviral vectors. The protocol combines qPCR with green intercalating dye chemistry, allowing you to determine the viral genome copy number in adenoviral preparations (i.e., crude lysates or purified stocks) from a calibrated DNA standard curve. The kit includes a viral nucleic acid purification kit, a calibrated Adeno-X DNA Control Template, primers, and all the reagents required to conduct 200 TB Green-based qPCR reactions with either the DNA Control Template or purified viral DNA.