Lenti-X™ 293T Cell Line

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631231 Lenti-X™ Concentrator 100 mL USD $271.00

The Lenti-X Concentrator is a complete reagent for the concentration of infectious lentiviral vector particles. This reagent provides a scalable alternative to ultracentrifugation for viral particle concentration. Vector supernatants can be concentrated 10–100 fold, depending upon the volumes used.

631471 Ecotropic Receptor Booster 20 Rxns USD $339.00

The Ecotropic Receptor Booster increases the transduction efficiency of cells that are either resistant to infection, or inefficiently infected by ecotropic pseudotyped lentivirus or retrovirus. The Ecotropic Receptor Booster consists of exosome-like particles coated with the mCAT-1 receptor. When applied to target cells, fusion of the exosome-like particles with the host cell plasma membrane temporarily increases surface mCAT-1 receptor, thus allowing for efficient viral transduction.The Ecotropic Receptor Booster renders cells that cannot usually be transduced with ecotropic psuedotyped virus (e.g. human celllines) susceptible to viral infection.