pLVX-EF1alpha-IRES-ZsGreen1 Vector

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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
631231 Lenti-X™ Concentrator 100 mL USD $230.00

The Lenti-X Concentrator is a complete reagent for the concentration of infectious lentiviral vector particles. This reagent provides a scalable alternative to ultracentrifugation for viral particle concentration. Vector supernatants can be concentrated 10–100 fold, depending upon the volumes used.

632474 Living Colors® Full-Length ZsGreen Polyclonal Antibody 100 uL USD $410.00

The Living Colors Full-Length ZsGreen Polyclonal Antibody was raised in a rabbit against recombinant full-length Zoanthus sp. green fluorescent protein (ZsGreen). This antibody recognizes native and denatured forms of ZsGreen as well as fusion proteins containing ZsGreen in bacterial and mammalian cell lysates.