pEF1alpha-tdTomato Vector

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631308 G418 5 g USD $435.00

For the selection and maintenance of eukaryotic cells which are stably transfected with vectors that express the neomycin resistance gene. Susceptibility of cells to G418 will vary with the cell type, media, growth conditions, degree of confluency for adherent cells, metabolic rate, and position in the cell cycle; therefore, we suggest performing a full dose response curve for each cell system used. Effective concentrations have been reported from 100 μg/ml up to greater than 5 mg/ml. Solutions of G418 should be filter-sterilized for use in tissue culture. This is the 5g format. For 1 g format see Cat. # 631307.

632496 Living Colors® DsRed Polyclonal Antibody 100 uL USD $396.00

The Living Colors DsRed Polyclonal Antibody has been raised against DsRed-Express, a variant of Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein. This antibody recognizes DsRed-Express, DsRed-Express2, DsRed-Monomer, mCherry, DsRed2, E2-Crimson, tdTomato, mStrawberry, and mBanana, and both N- and C-terminal fusion proteins containing these fluorescent proteins in mammalian cell lysates.

740490.250 NucleoSpin® Plasmid Transfection-grade 250 Preps USD $369.00

NucleoSpin Plasmid Transfection-grade is a fast miniprep kit that uses a new technology developed by Macherey-Nagel to reduce the level of endotoxins co-purified during plasmid preparations from bacterial lysates. Since endotoxins interfere with eukaryotic cell survival, endotoxin reduction is essential prior to cell transfection.

631987 pLVX-EF1alpha-IRES-mCherry Vector 10 ug USD $676.00 *

pLVX-EF1α-IRES-mCherry is a bicistronic lentiviral expression vector that can be used to generate high-titer lentivirus for transducing virtually any dividing or nondividing mammalian cell type, including primary and stem cells. The vector contains an internal ribosomal entry site (IRES) that allows a gene-of-interest and the red fluorescent protein mCherry to be simultaneously coexpressed from a single mRNA transcript. Expression of the transcript is driven by the constitutively active human elongation factor 1 alpha (EF1α) promoter.

631317 Xfect™ Transfection Reagent 100 Rxns USD $240.00

Xfect is a transfection reagent that creates biodegradable nanoparticles that permit superior transfection efficiency of plasmid DNA into mammalian cells. Transfections can be carried out entirely in the presence of serum.