6xHis mAb-HRP Conjugate

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3365 pCold™ TF DNA 25 ug USD $855.00

The pCold TF DNA Vector provides cold shock technology for high yield protein expression combined with Trigger Factor (chaperone) expression to facilitate correct protein folding, thus enabling efficient soluble protein production for otherwise intractable target proteins. pCold TF DNA Vector is a fusion cold shock expression vector that expresses Trigger Factor (TF) chaperone as a soluble tag. Trigger Factor is a prokaryotic ribosome-associated chaperone protein (48 kDa) which facilitates co-translational folding of newly expressed polypeptides. Because of its E. coli origin, TF is highly expressed in E. coli expression systems. The pCold TF DNA Vector consists of the cspA promoter plus additional downstream sequences including a 5' untranslated region (5' UTR), a translation enhancing element (TEE), a His-Tag sequence, and a multicloning site (MCS). A lac operator is inserted downstream of the cspA promoter to ensure strict regulation of expression. Additionally, recognition sites for HRV 3C Protease, Thrombin, and Factor Xa are located between TF-Tag and the Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) and function to facilitate tag removal from the expressed fusion protein. E. coli strains can serve as expression hosts.

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