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630494 Yeast Media Set 2 Each USD $324.00

Complete media sets for two-hybrid screening. Highest performing yeast media-hybrid system.

Package Contents: 

  • 2 pouches YPDA Broth
  • 1 pouch YPDA with Agar
  • 1 pouch SD/-Leu Broth
  • 1 pouch SD/-Leu with Agar
  • 1 pouch SD/-Trp Broth
  • 1 pouch SD/-Trp with Agar
  • 10 pouches SD/-Leu/-Trp with Agar
  • 1 pouches SD/-Ade/-His/-Leu/-Trp with Agar
630495 Yeast Media Set 2 Plus Each USD $692.00

The Yeast Media Set 2 Plus contains the media and supplements needed for yeast two-hybrid library screening with the Matchmaker Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System (Cat. No. 630489). For the ready-to-go, preformulated pouches, just add water and autoclave according to the instructions provided in the Yeast Media Protocol-at-a-Glance: no measuring, mixing, or pH adjustments are required. Directions for the use of Aureobasidin A and X-alpha-Gal are provided in the Matchmaker Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System User Manual.