pUC 18 DNA

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6030 Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing 5 Rxns USD $215.00

The Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing is designed to aid sequence analysis of long DNA fragments cloned into the multiple cloning sites of M13 phage vectors (mp18/19) or pUC-related plasmid or phagemid vectors (pUC18/19). The kit is used to create nested unidirectional deletions in the target DNA, thereby progressively moving the primer binding site on the vector closer to the sequence of interest. Optimized reagent cocktails are included to ensure efficient self-circularization of the deletion subclones.

3340 Chaperone Plasmid Set 1 Set USD $255.00

The Chaperone Plasmid Set consists of five different plasmids, each of which is designed to express multiple molecular chaperones that function as a "chaperone team" to enable protein folding. Co-expression of a target protein with one of these chaperone teams increases the recovery of soluble proteins. Each plasmid carries an origin of replication derived from pACYC and a Cmr gene, which allows use with E. coli expression systems utilizing ColE1-type plasmids containing an ampicillin resistance gene as a marker. The chaperone genes are situated downstream of an araB or Pzt-1 (tet) promoter. Therefore, expression of target proteins and chaperones can be induced individually if the target gene is placed under the control of other promoters (e.g. lac). These plasmids also contain the necessary regulator (araC or tetr) for each promoter.

Use this set to perform a two step method to construct target/chaperone co-expression systems: In the first step prepare an E. coli host transformed with only the chaperone plasmid. The second step is to prepare competent cells from this new strain and transform this strain with a plasmid expressing the target protein.

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