In-Fusion® Snap Assembly Master Mix

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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
740609.50 NucleoSpin® Gel and PCR Clean-Up 50 Preps USD $103.00

NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-up (50) 50 preps for PCR clean-up and gel extraction - NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-up Columns, Collection Tubes, buffers

636763 Stellar™ Competent Cells 10 x 100 uL USD $233.00

Stellar Competent Cells are an E. coli HST08 strain that provides high transformation efficiency. These cells can be used in a wide variety of applications—from preparation of cDNA and genomic libraries, to construction of longer-length genomic libraries, to subcloning, and even methylated DNA cloning. Stellar Competent Cells lack the gene cluster for cutting foreign methylated DNA (mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC and mcrA), and are therefore useful for cloning methylated DNA. The cells can also be used for blue/white screening (i.e., α-complementation) when transformed with vectors containing the lacZα gene. A pUC19 vector is provided as well as SOC Medium. Stellar Competent Cells are recommended for use with Clontech's In-Fusion PCR Cloning Kits.

R045A PrimeSTAR® Max DNA Polymerase 100 Rxns USD $238.00

A 2X hot-start PCR master mix that is ideal for high-fildelity PCR or high-throughput applications. PrimeSTAR Max DNA polymerase pairs Takara Bio's high-fidelity PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase with an elongation factor to provide efficient priming and extension, thereby shortening annealing and extension times. Please refer to the User Manual for the master mix composition.

Reaction size: 1 rxn equals a 50 µl total reaction volume.