DNA Set for NucleoBond® RNA Soil Mini

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Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
740469 MN Bead Tube Holder Each USD $41.00

Blue rubber foam adapter for processing MN bead tubes with a vortex apparatus (e.g., Vortex Genie 2). MN bead tubes are 2-ml screw cap plastic tubes containing different types of beads (glass, ceramic, steel, or corundum). They are designed for the homogenization of hard-to-lyse biological samples (e.g., soil, stool, insect, and some microbial samples) prior to purification of nucleic acids.

740786.50 MN Bead Tubes Type A 50 Preps USD $125.00

Pack of fifty 2-ml tubes containing ceramic beads for sample homogenization. Use in combination with the MN Bead Tube Holder (Cat. # 740469) and NucleoSpin Soil (e.g., Cat. # 740780.50) or Nucleospin Stool (Cat. # 740472.50), miniprep kits for isolation of total DNA from soil, sediments, or stool samples.

740562 NucleoBond® Small Rack Each USD $66.00

NucleoBond Small Rack is for use with NucleoBond AX 20 Columns or RNA Soil Mini Columns. View pdf