NucleoBond® RNA Soil Mini

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740143.50 DNA Set for NucleoBond® RNA Soil Mini 50 Preps USD $148.00

DNA Set for NucleoBond RNA Soil Mini is a 50-prep elution set designed to be used in conjunction with NucleoBond RNA Soil Mini (Cat. # 740142.50) for parallel isolation of DNA and RNA from the same soil sample. Nucleic acids purified with these kits are suitable for metagenomic studies, including genomic and transcriptomic analyses. DNA Set for NucleoBond RNA Soil Mini typically yields 1.25–12.5 µg of pure DNA from 0.25–0.5 g of soil. The kit includes sufficient quantities of reagents and materials for processing of 50 samples.

740469 MN Bead Tube Holder Each USD $43.00

Blue rubber foam adapter for processing MN bead tubes with a vortex apparatus (e.g., Vortex Genie 2). MN bead tubes are 2-ml screw cap plastic tubes containing different types of beads (glass, ceramic, steel, or corundum). They are designed for the homogenization of hard-to-lyse biological samples (e.g., soil, stool, insect, and some microbial samples) prior to purification of nucleic acids.

740786.50 MN Bead Tubes Type A 50 Preps USD $131.00

Pack of fifty 2-ml tubes containing ceramic beads for sample homogenization. Use in combination with the MN Bead Tube Holder (Cat. # 740469) and NucleoSpin Soil (e.g., Cat. # 740780.50) or Nucleospin Stool (Cat. # 740472.50), miniprep kits for isolation of total DNA from soil, sediments, or stool samples.

740562 NucleoBond® Small Rack Each USD $69.00

NucleoBond Small Rack is for use with NucleoBond AX 20 Columns or RNA Soil Mini Columns. View pdf