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iDimerize systems

Dimerizer ligand-dependent control of protein-protein interactions.

Capturem posters

Protein research posters using Capturem technology presented at various scientific conferences.

Visual protocol: Capturem his-tagged maxiprep kit

See how you can purify his-tagged proteins from up to 25 ml of clarified lysate.

Visual protocol: Capturem his-tagged purification miniprep

See how you can perform simple, rapid purifications of his-tagged proteins.

His60 reagent compatibility

See what reagent concentrations are compatible with His60 Ni resin.

News & Events

Successful CRISPR knockout experiments—here's what to consider before starting (Part II)

Tips for design and planning of successful CRISPR/Cas9 knockout experiments.

News & Events

Overcoming technical challenges in extracellular vesicle research

Dr. Daria Filanov, Chief Scientific Officer at Alpha Nano Tech, describes how her company helps their clients advance extracellular vesicle research.

News & Events

Understanding viral titration—behind the science

A crash course on lentiviral titration methods to get your experiments started on the right foot.

Osteocalcin EIA kits for bone and endocrine research

ELISA kits for measuring Osteocalcin.

Cre recombinase

Efficient delivery of a burst of footprint-free Cre recombinase into cultured mammalian cells using a variety of technologies.

Showing 71-80 of 175 results