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DNA Standards for Library Quantification

Cat. # Product Size License Quantity Details
638325 DNA Standards for Library Quantification 50 Rxns USD $268.00

The DNA Standards for Library Quantification includes four DNA standards (0.01–10 pM) that are used for qPCR-based library quantification prior to Illumina next-generation sequencing. These DNA standards contain specific concentrations of a DNA fragment (538 bp) and are designed specifically for use with the Library Quantification Kit (Cat No. 638324). When used as templates for qPCR with the Library Quantification Kit, the standards will generate 447-bp DNA fragments that can be used to produce a standard curve for determining the concentration of DNA in an Illumina library. The standards are not suitable for use with other qPCR techniques, as they may lead to quantification errors or poor results.

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Showing 1-1 of 1 results