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Lenti-X™ DD Green Reporter System

Cat. # Product Size Price License Quantity Details
631751 Lenti-X™ DD Green Reporter System Each USD $1096.00

The Lenti-X DD Green Reporter System includes the Lenti-X DD-ZsGreen1 Vector Set and Shield1. The Lenti-X DD-ZsGreen1 Vector Set includes two lentiviral expression vectors (a reporter vector and a control vector) that produce high titers of recombinant lentivirus, which can efficiently transduce both dividing and nondividing mammalian cells. The system provides enough reagents for 16 packaging reactions. The pLVX-DD-ZsGreen1 Reporter Vector is a promoterless vector that allows you to insert your promoter of interest upstream of the green fluorescent protein ZsGreen1, tagged at its N-terminus with the ProteoTuner destabilization domain (DD). In the absence of the membrane-permeant ligand Shield1, the DD causes the reporter protein to be rapidly targeted to and degraded by proteasomes. This very efficient and controllable destabilization method minimizes reporter background fluorescence from leaky promoters prior to promoter activation. To analyze promoter activity, a candidate inducer is added to the medium along with Shield1, which binds to the DD tag and thereby stabilizes the reporter protein and allows it to accumulate. As a result, only the reporter molecules expressed during promoter induction will contribute to the fluorescence signal, providing a considerably higher signal-to-noise ratio than that obtained with nondestabilized or constitutively destabilized reporter systems. Cells used to monitor uninduced promoters (e.g., the negative control) will be treated with Shield1 alone.

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Showing 1-1 of 1 results